“It’s loud and raucous, soft and introspective, freely experimental and openly nostalgic.” (H.Reich)

Polish-American music festival showcases internationally renowned jazz artists and talented young performers.

„Projekt jest współfinansowany ze środków Konsulatu Generalnego RP w Chicago”

This year's XXIII edition of All Souls’ Jazz Festival (Zaduszki Jazzowe) will take place traditionally at the Chopin Theatre on Monday, November 6, 2023, from 7 pm until the early morning hours of the next day….and it will be as always a blast!

All jazz fans, who are the most wonderful audience..... keep posted for new info, galleries, videos, and details...Thanks for your dedicated participation...it will be really a magic event! Reserve the date, and tickets, and let your friends know about it! Thank you all for keeping jazz rolling!

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Our festival mirrors an annual jazz festival that has unfolded for over sixty years in the historic city of Krakow, Poland. Over time, the Chicago counterpart has grown to become a popular event with both the local Polish community and American music connoisseurs. This year, traditionally, as many as 50-plus musicians in 10-plus formations representing various jazz styles will hit the stages at the Chopin Theatre till’ the sunrise… “It really was an unforgettable, sophisticated, great magic night!” (Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune)

For more information, future participation possibilities, sponsorship, and volunteering opportunities please contact Tadeusz “Ted” Zaczek, 773.457.7267