2016 All Souls Jazz Fest is over…and greater than ever!



The week passed away and we did not have a moment to thank the people who made this great event happen…..Yes, indeed, without the generous SPONSORS, WORKERS and VOLUNTEERS, the AllSoulsJazz Fest would end up in the shadows like many other great initiatives in Chicago….fortunately it turned out to be the greatest musical and social event of the year again!

So, Thanks to all the SOPHISTICATED SOULS who contributed to this year’s success:


Our Honorary Sponsor and Patron:

Consul General of RP in Chicago, Mr. Piotr Janicki

and Deputy Consul Mr. Robert Rusiecki      …..for their great patronage of our event….


Corporate Sponsors:


Dr. Iwona Sobczak, MD, SC

Dr. Sylwia Szewczyk, OD

Dr. Pawel S. Dudek, MD, SC

Dr. Michal Szczupak, MD, FACOG

Paulina Chmiel (Chuhak & Tecson Law Firm)…   for generous contribution to the festival


Stokrotki Chicago Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Walk… for dedicated volunteering and passionate service

Polish Language Media (radios and newspapers)…  for extensive coverage and advertising

All the great photographers and video operators…  for abundant documentary of the event

Tomasz Chmielewski  (sound)

Mariusz Boruch (video)

Lela & Zygmunt Dyrkacz (Chopin Theatre owners and hosts)….for their unexpected hospitality…

Janusz Karcz & Jurek Litwa for all night help with logistics


….and all the musicians – performers of that greatest polish jazz night in Chicago 2016….


Finally, THE MOST SUBLIME AUDIENCE of the Fest …..for making it alive, spontaneous and unforgettable….


Thank you all, sincerely,

Tadeusz Zaczek