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2023 All Souls Jazz Festival

  (Po pandemicznej przerwie…) 23 Zaduszki Jazzowe /All Souls Jazz Festival, w Chicago, tradycyjnie w poniedziałek, 6 listopada, o 7:00 wieczorem w Chopin Theatre… Przed nami kolejna magiczna noc – uczta dla fanów jazzu …i nie tylko.   Ponad 50-ciu muzyków, na dwóch scenach równocześnie do wczesnego rana! Wśród nich znamienite gwiazdy i debiutanci: Kabir […]

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XXII All Souls’ Jazz Festival 2022

XXII Zaduszki Jazzowe w Chicago / All Souls’ Day Polish Jazz Festival W Chicago gramy dla WAS już ponad 20 lat!!! Poniedziałek, 7 listopada, 7:00 wieczorem w Chopin Theatre,     „Jazz to niebywała możliwość twórczego rozwoju, swobody, możliwość wyboru stylu, improwizowanie, szansa wyżycia się. To daje radość i satysfakcję”. (Zbigniew Namysłowski)   Czy chcemy, […]

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Joachim Mencel U.S. Tour

Joachim Mencel – Brooklyn Eye U.S. Tour Joachim Mencel – piano, hurdy-gurdy Pete McCann – guitar Ugonna Okegwo – double bass Quin Kirchner – drums —————————————- This project is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Culture Promotion Fund   In his quartet, the Polish piano […]


Mike Allemana & The Regulators

  Mike Allemana—guitar Matt Ferguson—bass Gerald Dowd—drums   The Regulators’ music defies easy description. Are they a rock power trio? A jazz group? A funk band? An Andean pan-flute ensemble? They are most of these things and yet they are none of them. They are a free-funk-jazz exploration of non-western rhythmic modes. Whatever genre you […]


Hanka Nowicka-Rozen & Sylwester Sosniak

    Hanka Nowicka Rożen, artist, fashion designer, costume designer, and jazz singer. She trained her voice in the opera direction. Over the next years, she mastered her voice towards jazz. Private lessons and trips to the International Jazz Workshops allowed her to sing in the final concerts. In 2002, she began singing in the […]


Kaeyra (Caroline Baran)

KAEYRA (Caroline Baran) is a 21-year-old singer from Chicago, IL but her family is from Poland. For the first time Kaeyra at the age of fourteen performed at Jazz All Souls’ Day in 2015 as Caroline & The Priority. She then appeared again in 2016 and 2018. In 2016 she performed together with Bill Neal […]


ANTYKWARIAT – European Progressive Jazz Group

Antykwariat Jazz Group… …was founded by Slawomir Bielawiec and Jan Zienko in 1776 and prospered in Poland until 1980. Originally a quartet, then quintet, sextet, and finally a septet, it specialized in music encompassing mainstream jazz. The early Antykwariat is most aptly described by music critic Jacek Grun: “No jazz group is capable of entering […]


TeeJay Mac Quartet

    TeeJay Mac Quartet   Tad TeeMac Janik – piano Aaron Wiliams – drums Anthony Sobun – bass Angel – saxophone   Tad TeeMac Janik began his music business career at age 16 in his native Poland. By age 19 he was already playing with some celebrated local musicians, winners of major Jazz Competitions. […]