Tad ” TeeMac ” Janik & Pamela Fernandez


Tad ” TeeMac ” Janik … keyboard player, composer and producer of rare versatility and proficiency.

Over the span of his career Tad has wowed audiences in thousands of appearances on 4 continents. Even though he feels equally at home playing many contemporary and older musical styles including classical, Jazz remains his favorite genre as he cherishes the freedom of expression that it offers, particularly during live performances. Tad most recent record called ” Peace Love & Music ” , although born in pain, delayed many times due to unforeseen circumstances is finally ready for the world to experience. It will be available at Chopin Theater on Nov. 5 !!! … This will be Tad`s 8th appearance at the All Souls Jazz Fest. All the previous ones were very successful and have earned him the reputation of an artist who always brings a fresh new and original act to this legendary event. Some of his shows featured scorching addictive Boogie Woogie grooves, others were more retrospective and dug deep into the music of Keith Jarrett, John Coltrane or Miles Davis. Some of the more recent shows featured only original music delivered in a passionate,  charming and understated way. What to expect from TeeMac this year ? … it is safe to assume that this time the unique chemistry between Tad and Pamela Fernandez will rule on stage during their show.

Pamela Fernandez

Pamela Fernandez – vocal …

Internationally renowned singer, song writer, producer and band leader. She has earned the reputation of being the most sampled recording artist in the business today. Her astonishing versatility allows her to blend many musical styles and genres including Jazz, R&B, Dance and more to create a truly unique and very personal sound. She possesses a remarkable ability to take a standard, twist it beyond recognition and still preserve the beauty, the quality and the charm of the original composition. This is clearly evident on her recent, critically acclaimed release entitled ” Pamela`s Dreams ” . This record was tracked along with the creme de la creme of Chicago musicians. Pamela`s unique talents and skills were particularly evident during her recent live collaborations with Tad ” TeeMac ” Janik. A couple of those performances have reached almost legendary status among those who attended. During one of them, they whipped the audience into a dance frenzy that temporarily terrified the venue managers who later claimed that they had never seen anything like it. At another concert event they offered yet another dimension to their art by adding bits and pieces of classical music, mostly Chopin to the mix. The results were spectacular and a standing ovation followed the conclusion of the show. All Souls Jazz Fest will be another great occasion to experience Pamela with Tad together.